Sealed Air Credit Agreement

Sealed Air Corporation, a global provider of packaging solutions, recently announced a new credit agreement to support its capital structure and growth initiatives. The $1.3 billion credit agreement was completed with a syndicate of 14 financial institutions and replaces the existing credit facility of the company.

The new credit agreement provides Sealed Air with increased financial flexibility and enables the company to pursue its strategic priorities, such as investments in innovation, acquisitions, and growth initiatives. The company plans to use the funds primarily for refinancing existing debt, but the agreement also includes a revolving credit facility that can be used for general corporate purposes.

This credit agreement marks a significant milestone for Sealed Air, as the company`s financial position continues to improve following a challenging period of restructuring and divestitures. The company`s goal is to strengthen its balance sheet and position itself for sustainable growth in the future.

The credit agreement is also a reflection of Sealed Air`s commitment to environmental sustainability. The agreement includes an innovative sustainability-linked pricing feature, where the company`s interest rate on the credit facility is tied to its progress towards achieving specific environmental targets.

Sealed Air has made significant progress towards reducing its environmental footprint in recent years, and this credit agreement reinforces its commitment to sustainability. The company`s sustainability efforts include reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, increasing its use of recycled materials, and designing products that are more environmentally friendly.

In conclusion, Sealed Air`s new credit agreement is a significant step forward for the company and its shareholders. The agreement provides Sealed Air with increased financial flexibility and supports its strategic priorities, while also reinforcing its commitment to environmental sustainability. As Sealed Air continues to grow and innovate, this credit agreement will play a vital role in ensuring the company achieves its long-term objectives.